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Part # Description
P2155-VBZ1-1/2-IN Centers Bungalow Hook
P8166-LP1-1/2-IN Centers Manor House Pull
5325990181-1/2-IN Centers Mock Key
6586391681-1/2-IN Centers Stickley Style
6623891681-1/2-IN Centers Stickley Style
P3031-WOAO1-1/2-IN Diam Country Casual Knob
D3-15R1-1/2-IN Diameter Acanthus Knob
P31-1/2-IN Diameter Annapolis Knob
P4031-1/2-IN Diameter Annapolis Knob
5504292131-1/2-IN Diameter Birdcage And
PA1311-WOA1-1/2-IN Diameter Charleston
P3031-SPAW1-1/2-IN Diameter Country Casual
P2180-WRCK1-1/2-IN Diameter English Cozy Knob
P27-W1-1/2-IN Diameter English Cozy Knob
P29-BC1-1/2-IN Diameter English Cozy Knob
P29-BF1-1/2-IN Diameter English Cozy Knob
P2160-CH1-1/2-IN Diameter Euro-Contemporary
P2160-PN1-1/2-IN Diameter Euro-Contemporary
P2163-CH1-1/2-IN Diameter Euro-Contemporary
P2163-PN1-1/2-IN Diameter Euro-Contemporary

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