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Part # Description
STLUM1DWHT1-Globe Portable Post Light
C04Y20X40Classic Series Pole Tent, 20X40
F-05-6WCFitting 6 Way Crown F/Frame Tent
F-03-BPFitting 6"X6" Base Frame Tent
F-04-8CFitting 8 Way Crown Frame Tent
ACFTRPFitting Canopy Pin Frame Tent
F-01-CORFitting Corner Frame Tent
F-02-STFitting Side Tee Frame Tent
CC-WG-20Gutter 20' Vinyl F/Pinnacle
746803Hardware Box A1 Presto Tent
746804Hardware Box B2 Presto Tent
747465Hardware Box C3 Presto Tent
747464Hardware Box D4 Presto Tent
ACFTJ12Jack F/Frame Tent 12'
2GST92Leg 7'8-INX2-IN GAL.
CCPBPinnacle Pry Bar
228725Pole Bottom Galvanized 7'
34374Pole Cover 5"X750' 4MIL White
747466-KPole Tent 20'X 30' White Presto
15890Pole Tent Top 20X30 White Vinyl

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