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Part # Description
BDP25002-1/2" DP Dry Diamond Hole Saw
BDP20002" DP Dry Diamond Hole Saw
BDP30003" DP Dry Diamond Hole Saw
BTH30003" Heavy Duty Turbo Bit
BDP50005" DP Dry Diamond Hole Saw
63013Blade F/CC148 Basic 1000 6X.100X1
64125Blade F/CC148 Basic 1000 W/Skid
40544Blade F/CC148 Basic 2000 6X.100X1
64132Blade F/CC148 Basic 2000 W/Skid
40546Blade F/CC148 Basic 3000 6X.100X1
64133Blade F/CC148 Basic 3000 W/Skid
40547Blade F/CC148 Basic 4000 6X.100X1
64134Blade F/CC148 Basic 4000 W/Skid
63014Blade F/CC148 Basic 5000 6X.100X1
64135Blade F/CC148 Basic 5000 W/Skid
63016Blade F/CC148 Basic 6000 6X.100X1
64136Blade F/CC148 Basic 6000 W/Skid
CC1208HXL-14Concrete Saw 14"
07037Core Drill Bit 1 1/2" Thinwall
07017Core Drill Bit 1" Thinwall

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