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Frosty Factory - Party

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Part # Description
117AFrozen Drink Machine
127AFrozen Drink Machine
113AFrozen Drink Machine FFA113A
Part # Description
C6519Beater Bar Assy F/117A
F6603Drip Tray, SM New Style 113,117
F6602Drip Tray, SM Old Style 113,117,217
CO906Drive Coupling
C6513Faucet Assy.
C6513BFaucet Body
FO427Front Motor Bearing
479473Frozen Drink Sign For 117A Frosty
F1114Hopper Cover F/F127
F0262Knob, Faceplate, White
F0264Knob, Faucet, White
F0181Medium Clear Light Box Panel
F0182Medium White Light Box Panel
F0197Nut, Chrome Faucet

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