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Part # Description
HDX35-3000GPressure Washer 3000 PSI
HX-3004HPressure Washer 3000 PSI
HQ4-3500GRPressure Washer 3500 PSI
Part # Description
010871/2" Thermo Valve
010851/4-IN Thermo Valve Measures
BAR-341418 IN Bent Extension (01049)
010863/8-IN Thermo Valve
01049-5364Attacher; Gun
01386Axle 23.5" F/HQ-3004H
728185Bolts Bag F/HXD4-3000
06107Cat 21OZ Crankcase Oil
01082Chemical Injector 3/8"
01080CChemical Injector W/ASM 71 Tip
07332Fixed Injector
01392Handle, Long Pump End
01393Handle, Short Engine End
01026Hi-Lo Nozzle 1.2
01049-6183Hose 19-FT

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