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Part # Description
GHB1340A-CG2Change Gear 1.25M42T (MDL GHB/BDB-1
GHB1340A-CG1Change Gear 1.25M44T (MDL GHB/BDB-1
GHB1340A-CG4Change Gear 1.25M46T (MDL GHB/BDB-1
GHB1340A-CG5Change Gear 1.25M52T (MDL GHB/BDB-1
1024S-H65Change Gear 120X127T
1430-H001Change Gear 20T
619PBD-BC21Change Gear 25T 23-0515-00*
GH1340A-TBCP-15-02Change Gear 30T GH-1340A
GH1340A-TBCP-15-03Change Gear 32T GH-1340A
GH1340A-TBCP-15-04Change Gear 40T GH-1340A
GH1440A-TBCP-15-04Change Gear 40T GH-1340A
GH1440A-TBCP-1502AChange Gear 45T GH-1340A
619PBD-BC34Change Gear 50T 23-0528-00*
GH1440A-TBCP-0541AChange Gear 50T GH-1340A
619PBD-BC35Change Gear 55T 23-0529-00*
C-1540135Change Gear 56T
619PBD-BC36Change Gear 60T 23-0530-00*
3900572Change Gear BRKT
33-6027-00Change Gear Bearing Housing CMTS
ZX-08101Change Gear Box Casting ZX Lathes

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