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Keson - Surveying

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Part # Description
G3XChalk Box 100' Giant High Speed
G110DChalk Box 110' Little Giant DBL
G110Chalk Box 110' Little Giant Pro
K3XChalk Line Reel 100'
K3XBKTChalk Line Reel 100' 25/PK
G150BOLDChalk Line Reel 150' Bold String
8BMarking Chalk 8 OZ Blue 12/BX
8RMarking Chalk 8 OZ Red 12/BX
MP301Measuring Wheel 11-1/2"
RRT12Measuring Wheel 12"
RRT1210Measuring Wheel 12"
RR318NMeasuring Wheel 12-1/2"
MP401Measuring Wheel 15-1/2"
RRT6Measuring Wheel 6"
PA35Paint Marking Wand
PR610Pocket Rod 6'
PR618Pocket Rod 6'
PG1816UBPocket Tape Measure 16' Brite
PG1825ALPocket Tape Measure 25'
PG1825WIDEVPocket Tape Measure 25'

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