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Keson - Surveying

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Part # Description
G3XChalk Box 100' Giant High Speed
K1Chalk Box 100' Metal
G110DChalk Box 110' Little Giant DBL
G110Chalk Box 110' Little Giant Pro
K3XChalk Line Reel 100'
K3XBKTChalk Line Reel 100' 25/PK
G150BOLDChalk Line Reel 150' Bold String
8BMarking Chalk 8 OZ Blue 12/BX
8RMarking Chalk 8 OZ Red 12/BX
MP301Measuring Wheel 11-1/2"
RRT12Measuring Wheel 12"
RR318NMeasuring Wheel 12-1/2"
MP401Measuring Wheel 15-1/2"
MP415Measuring Wheel 15-1/2" Solid
RRT6Measuring Wheel 6"
PA35Paint Marking Wand
PR610Pocket Rod 6'
PR618Pocket Rod 6'
PG1816UBPocket Tape Measure 16' Brite
PG1825ALPocket Tape Measure 25'

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