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Little Beaver - Drilling & Boring

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Part # Description
KT283Bar; Pointer; KT200B
KT1262Bar; Pointer Mounting
36580Bar; Point Mounting For DHR Augers
KT229Bar; Pto Shaft; 1-IN Dia. X 12-IN
KT1227Bar; Pto Shaft; 1-IN Dia. X 13-1/2
KT2421Bar; Pto Shaft; 1-IN Dia. X 15-IN
35557Bar; Regulator MTG.
KT1211Bar; Rocker Arm Actuator
KT2410Bar; Rocker Arm Actuator
KT2440Bar; Rocker Arm Actuator
KT1254Bar; Rocker Arm; Actuator
KT103Bar; Shroud Support
36051Bar; Stop; Water Swivel
KT1266Bar; Top Hat; 3/4-IN X 1-1/2 X 5-1/
30281Base; Filter
36670Base; Table
KT242Base; Top Hat; Hinged For KT200 &
KT2426Base; Top Hat; Hinged; KT2400B
36040Base; Weldment; Head #096

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