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Part # Description
31-01-180010 OZ Cartridge Carrige
44-70-033010 OZ Piston
44-94-049010 OZ Rack
44-94-049510 OZ Rod Assy
58-05-390610X5X20X.002 Parts Bag-Roll
15-10-0635115V Bulk Armature
16-10-0137120V Armature
16-10-0850120V Armature Assembly
18-07-0315120V CMPT Field Assy
14-20-1115120V DSC Sawzall Pcba
18-07-0280120V Field Assy
18-07-0275120V Field Assy - PCB
18-07-0285120V Field Assy;PCB;Rattail
18-07-0290120V Field Assy; Rattail
18-07-0295120V HP Field Assy
18-07-0300120V HP Field Assy
18-07-0310120V HP Field Assy
18-07-0105120V Service Field Assy
42-66-02001/2-IN Capacity Chuck/2603-20

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