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Porter Cable - Material Handling

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Part # Description
135918510 BG Head Assm Comp
A2461710INUNIV Wing
135918612/14 GRD Head&Upper
12576701257822 & 1257668
5140057-8312V Battery
9054348518V Battery
41-70920IN BS Ply-7/8 Bo
41-0232-1/2IN Od-5/8 B Ply
41-0332-3/4 Od-5/8 B Ply
41-0533-1/2IN Od-5/8B Ply
4380231420443HP 3PH MTR 230/460V
41-0744-1/2IN Od-3/4B Ply
135651745 Rear Rail Sears
9010419318425/16-18X1.5 Hex Soc
9010415062335/16-18X.62 Hex Soc
4380231420475HP 1PH MTR 230V DC
87-3715HP 3PH 575V Unisaw
13494445HP 3PH MTR 230/460
4380231420465HP 3PH MTR 230/460V
4380231420487.5HP 3PH 230/460

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