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Schmidt Mfg. Sandblaster - Surface Preparation

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Part # Description
8031-000-46BRS Screen Isolator
8031-000-68BRS SS Dimister Pad 18-IN X 18-IN
8031-000-32BRS Threaded Nozzle Holder
8030-000-05BRS Vacuum Head Center Tube 3-IN
8030-000-03BRS Vacuum Head Outer Brush 3-IN
8031-000-37BRS Vacuum Workhead 3-IN Brush
8031-000-36BRS Vacuum Workhead Complete
8031-000-43BRS Vacuum Workhead Sleeve 2-IN
8031-000-44BRS Vacuum Workhead Sleeve 3-IN
8031-000-74BRS Workhead Locking Ring
5020-881-17BRTHNG Tube Quick Disc For 1/2-IN
2149-000-19Bump Ring
3026-102-00Bushing, 1/4-IN X 1/8-IN
3026-106-04Bushing; Galv 1-IN X 1/2-IN
3026-008-02Bushing; Iron 1-1/2-IN X 1/4-IN
3026-008-06Bushing; Iron 1-1/2-IN X 1-IN
3026-004-02Bushing; Iron 1/2-IN X 1/4-IN
3026-009-08Bushing; Iron 2-IN X 1-1/2-IN
3026-005-02Bushing; Iron 3/4-IN X 1/4-IN
3026-011-08Bushing; Iron 3-IN X 2-IN

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