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Sumner - Material Handling

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Part # Description
779988Base Weldment; Z & R-100/150; Galv.
780017Base Weldment; Z & R-150
780018Base Weldment; Z & R-180/200
779990Base Weldment; Z & R-180; Galv.
780019Base Weldment; Z & R-250
779989Base Weldment; Z & R-250; Galv.
781481Base WLDMNT; HD Hi Fat Jackpinned
783362Base WLDMT (10 Pac Mac)
780261Base WLDMT; Big-V-Jack
780511Base WLDMT; HD Hi-Jack J15HF
780520Base WLDMT; HD Lo Jack J15LF
785175Beam Carrying Strap
785339Beam Carrying Strap; 3/4 Ton
785170Beam End Cap
785338Beam End Cap; 3/4 Ton
785120Beam Height Adjust; Weldment
785415Beam HT Adjust WLDMT; 3/4 Ton
781490Beam Jax Head Assembly
781489Beam Jax Replace Head Assy
775220Bearing; Ball 1-IN 23216-77

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