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Tsurumi Pump - Pumps & Hoses

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Part # Description
TP4853Gear & Shaft
Q14-DSW0803-002Grip, Handle, TD3-200/300
068-136-22Handle LB-400 Tsuruni Pum
Q14-DSW0803-001Handle; TD3-200/300
051-250-18Head Cover
1021-027Hex Bolt
140-427-17Hex Bolt
140-446-12Hex Bolt
501-041Hex Bolt
140-018-37Hex, Bolt 5X15 SWRM3
501-003Hex Bolt M10X30L
0013708020Hex Bolt M8X20 W/Washer
501-014Hex Bolt M8X25L
801-014Hex Bolt M8X30L
501-023Hex Bolt M8X40L
501-005Hex Bolt M8X48L
521-027Hex Bolt M8X48L

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