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Wagman Blades - Concrete

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Part # Description
WF-105175FO10.5X17.5 Blade BX/4
WED-101110 X 11 Float Snap On
WX-8140UHMW36IN Combination Blades Plastic
WED-61436IN Finish Blade Snap BX/4
WU-451075F4.5X10.75 Finish Blade BX/4
WB610F6" X 10" Finish Blade 4/BX
WX-611F6X11 Finish Blade 4/BX
WED-6116 X 11 Finish BLD Snap-On BX/4
WH-612F6 X 12 Finish Blade
WE-613F6 X 13 Finish Blade BX/4
WK-613F6 X 13 Finish Blade BX/4
WW-613F6X14 Combanation Blade Wa BX/4
WR-614F6 X 14 Finish Blade BX/4
WM-618FT6X18 Fin BLD W/Hardware BX/4
WR-618F6 X 18 Finish Blade BX/4
WM-618CH6X18 Finish Blade BX/4
WM-618PRO6X18 Finish Blade Pro Ser
WU-7511FO71/2X11 Float Blade BX/4
WR-81408 X 14 Combination Blade
WM-8140B8X14 Wagman Blade Channel BX/4

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