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Sumner - Material Handling

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Part # Description
7793436-IN (150 MM) Primary Dam (Yellow)
7794466-IN (150 MM) Secondary Dam (Gray)
7793636-IN(150 MM) Secondary Dam (Yellow)
7790086-IN Swivel Caster - Mac Rack
780922#75 Id Barrel
7840427/8-IN Pin WLDMT
7793648 (200 MM) Secondary Dam (Yellow)
7794368-IN (200 MM) Primary Dam (Gray)
7793448-IN (200 MM) Primary Dam (Yellow)
7794478-IN (200 MM) Secondary Dam (Gray)
780547Acme Bolt Adj-A-FLG FL-5
781009Adj. Nut And Handle Assy.CC
781055Adj.Nut & Handle Assy(H/D Dev)
781052Adj. Nut (Hold Down Dev.)
781209Adj. Rod & Chain Assy 10-36
781026Adj. Rod & Chain Assy. 1-16-IN
781008Adj. Rod & Chain Assy CC
781054Adj.Rod & Chain Assy.(H/D Dev)
781229Adj. Rod & Chain Assy.-Inss-IN
781108Adj. Rod & Chain Assy. SS

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